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Find Your Valor

What does that mean?

Merriam-Webster defines valor as "strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery." It's also the name of the essential oil blend that threw me head first into my deep-dive into wellness, clean living, and natural health. "Finding your Valor" is about learning to be your own advocate, the gatekeeper of your home, and  claiming ownership of your health, wellbeing, and life. 

Hi, I'm Jenny

My wellness journey began in 2011 when my equine soulmate, Harley, was diagnosed with PSSM. Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy is a genetic muscle disease managed with diet and exercise, and at the time, my local vets weren't super familiar with it. I needed to help Harley, and this led me down a rabbit hole of studying nutrition, nutraceuticals, biology, physical therapies, and the like that ultimately transformed not just Harley's life, but mine, too. By 2015, I had dove head-first into wellness-optimizing life changes, and made it my mission to help others learn how they, too, could live and feel better. 
In 2020 I became an Animal Wellness Practitioner with Stable Wellness, personally trained by Dr. Sandra Harvey in Movement Enhancing Body Work. I absolutely love seeing the results in the animals I work on, and helping owners find answers for their furry family members.
Without a doubt, my life's purpose is to help people learn how to maximize wellness for themselves and their animals and help provide solutions for the challenges they face along the way.


Tools I Utilize to Accomplish Wellness Goals:

Gut Health

Healthy Eating Habits

Essential Oils and Quality Supplements

Body Work
and Exercise

Mental and Emotional Health Support

You deserve to live a life you love.

Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people."

- Fred Rogers

Gaining control over your health and well-being is one of those times in your life that you get to be completely selfish and not feel bad about it. If you want to meet your goals, you have to make it about you. You have to make it work for you and you alone. Anything less is a setup for failure.”

- Jennifer Hudson

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else."

- Erma Bombeck

Wellness + Animals


Wellness + Animals
& love sharing what I've learned about both!
If you are curious about...

....questioning the products you bring into your home and their impact on the health of your family

IMMUNE SUPPORT & STRESS MANAGEMENT to stay healthy and feel good again


...and talking about the joy they bring to our lives

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